UWNWFL  works with a partner called FamilyWize to help with the cost of prescription drugs.  We also have Affiliated Agencies specializing in Health related direct services.  

To improve health outcomes in our community, we work to leverage resources by strategically investing in quality programs through our Community Investment Process; building and participating in partnerships and coalitions; and advocating for policies that help people and families in our community. 

Partner Agencies that receive Community Investment grant funding for health programs are required to submit regular reports identifying how funds are used to support programmatic efforts to improve health outcomes, such as:


  • 100% of children/adults served who eat healthier, increase their physical activity, and/or move towards a healthy weight
  • 88% of individuals who acquire prescriptions, mental, behavioral, dental, and general health services
  • 78% of individuals who maintain or improve their emotional, mental, and/or social health








If you have any questions regarding which agencies help with health-related issues, please call a staff member for more information. You can also call 2-1-1 or 850-215-6611 for more information on health-related issues from the very helpful and knowledgeable resource and referral specialists.  They can review your needs and point you in the right direction from listings in your county.

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